Due to extended family health issues that have been time consuming and  emotionally exhausting, TunnelBags is taking a break for the summer. We will still continue manufacturing TunnelBags but are not taking new orders unless you are willing to go on a waiting list.  We will finish up all orders on the books right now including special orders.  This will be our priority for the summer. 

     We will start up full production again on September 15th, 2011 or as soon as our season ends in our other business.  Thanks for understanding.

     If you need replacement hook and loop, or need repair work, please call.  We will take calls and e-mails to maintain a waiting list.

    Thanks so much. I am looking forward to training my dogs and taking care of my family this summer!!!


One set of TunnelBags is 4 sandbags, or two pairs of bags, one pair for both the entrance and the exit of one tunnel.  One set of TunnelBags is $100.00 plus shipping.

Available colors include red, yellow, purple, teal, forest green, and blue.  Other colors are available by special order. 

We show many weekends and occasionally have family commitments during the week so may not answer emails immediately.  Please have patience; we will answer as promptly as possible. 

To order please e-mail:


If you don't hear back from me please call: 1-507-878-3155.

Nancy Holmseth
47399 97th St.
Frost, MN   56033

We accept Mastercard and Visa